Thursday, 28 September 2017

School Camp

Day one of camp,
On tuesday we went to bridge valley for camp.
On the way there Jess, Haley and I were as loud as an elephant!  We took photos and had heaps of fun singing. We had 2 tyres that went flat and they were Lase’s car and Ben’s trailer and that was a bit annoying because it was a long drive.

Day two of camp,
I was a bit nervous because I’ve never been there before and at least my friends were there as well. On day two of I stayed in Tahlia’s room with Paige, Teagan, Johanna, Jordyn, Rylee,  Autumn and Tahlia of course.

Day three of camp,
On camp I felt heaps of feelings all these feelings like tired, excited, scared and a little bit challenging when we done the ironman course and the absalling. I thought the ab salling was challenging because the caves were so dark and some kids didn’t do because they were scared of the dark.

Day four of camp,
On camp my favourite thing was the abseiling because it was high and dark in the caves and I think it more funner.  I’m going to miss the yummy food because most of the food I never tried most of the food. I think camp is better here than Grey Main School.


  1. Hello Maliah
    Wow that must have been really fun
    I have never been on school camp before so you're very lucky
    I hope you had a fun time
    Toby Schollum, Ohaeawai school

  2. Hi,that must have been fun
    How many camps have you gone to?
    I've gone to 2.
    Jayden Gardiner, Ohaeawai Primary School
    Blog later.


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